Sanctity of Human Life


36 years ago our country legalized abortion and began a downward spiral of our nations moral fabric.  The devaluing of human life has brought about some of the worst abuses to humanity the society has ever seen.  Just look at the occurrences of abuse we face on a daily basis.  We live in a confused and schizophrenic society.  It is important that we all understand that the "human life issue" is not just a religious issue.  It is just as much a contemporary ethical and moral issue.  It is no different that the slavery issue that lead to the Civil War, or the Holocaust issue that lead our nation into World War II, and no different that the Civil Rights issue that lead our nation into the drastic changes our nation has seen in the last 4 decades.  It is time that we all face the truths surrounding this issue and wrestle with it like we have other key issues in the past.  It is especially important that we Christian understand that the Word of God binds us to its truths about the sanctity of life.  I pray this study is a blessing to you.




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