New bible studies begin this week!


Beginning tonight, we will begin a Summer study on how to witness to, and defend, the Christian faith.  These studies on “Defending the Faith!” will be every Tuesday night at 7:30pm.  The classes will be held at Eagle Creek Academy on Silverbell Road.  On Sunday morning at 9:30am, we will begin a bible basics course.  We will talk about everything from what the bible is to how we can best study it and get something out of that study.

Both of these classes are being offered because you have asked for them.  I am excited to know that the people of God have a sincere desire to be firmly rooted into the word of God so that they can properly believe it for themselves, and also to be able to communicate that faith with others.  These classes are design with you in mind.  Please come with your questions.  Feel free to send me questions at  See you tonight!  Bring a friend!


Pastor Tom

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