Throughout the last month and a half The Lord has clearly revealed to us that we need to offer a Firmly Rooted Worship opportunity. The Lord has not only revealed that to me, but to many who were involved in our 40 day prayer fast. This is an opportunity for everyone who is a part of Firmly Rooted to gather together at one time to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth. It also allows us an opportunity to reach out to our community on a weekly basis. Our plans are to eventually move into the Clarkston Junior High School auditorium. Before we do that we need to make sure that we have the financial support to make such a commitment. But in the meantime, we have decided to begin worshiping this Sunday at the Lifetime Wellness chiropractor’s office in Oxford. Our worship service is going to begin at 11:00am. We are going to kick off our first worship services with a series of messages on “We walk by faith, and not by sight!”. Please pray for this new outreach ministry. Please join us! Please invite someone to attend with you. If you can, please bring a folding chair with you so that we can be certain to have enough seating. 🙂

Please join us as we take our first steps of faith.



  1. September 24, 2012

    This is astounding and wonderful – Praise His Holy Name!

  2. September 26, 2012

    I’m excited that the revelation only took 40 day’s of fasting and a year after the Men’s Retreat (when we first met) to see God’s plan for my Bro in Christ Tom Donnelly to start Firmly Rooted Outreach Ministry. My prayers and support are with You and the blessed future of F.R.O.M.

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