Note below, that the fundraising dinner is the 3rd of November.


First, on behalf of Kimberly and myself, I would like to thank you for your prayers and support during our 40 day fast. The Lord has been so faithful to reveal to us the direction we should be moving in. Most recently, He has revealed to us the place we can meet for worship. Please pray that all this comes together. I have the application in hand. I will be meeting with the Firmly Rooted Board as soon as I get back from Haiti. We now must seek from the Lord, the financial support to make our Sunday worship services a reality.

Secondly, Laura Kassuba is working hard to get our Firmly Rooted Fall fundraising dinner scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd, kicked off. She is going to be printing tickets and flyers very soon. She really could use some support from those of you who could commit some time going to businesses in Lake Orion and Oxford to see if they have items or certificates that could be raffled off at the dinner. If you have a few hours that you could offer over the next week or two, would you please get with Laura and let her know. Also, if your place of employment has something that could be raffled off, please let her know. If you need her contact information, reply to this email and Kimberly will get it to you while I am away.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support! Once I get back from Haiti and have a board meeting, I will provide an update.



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