I continue to be amazed at what the Lord has made certain during this time.  I appreciate those of you who have come alongside Kimberly and I at this time.  You all have been a blessing and an encouragement to us.  Given the fact that the Lord provided the answer to “If?” we should move forward on day six with a definitive “Yes!”, we quickly turned to who might be involved.  We have begun to pull together people interested in leading worship, which is really exciting.  We are still looking for strong vocalists and instrumentalists who would like to be a part of what Firmly Rooted is doing.

Today, I ask that you turn your prayers toward the “where?” part of this journey.  We need a place to gather together for worship and study.  We need the Lord to reveal a place that is available at the same time every week.  Continue to pray for “homothumadon” (one mindedness) among us who are moving along on this journey with the Lord.

Remember that we meet tonight at our house at 6pm.



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