“Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice.” (Isaiah 59:15, NIV84)


We have all heard the phrase, “there is nothing new under the sun.”  The implication is that a generation rises up thinking that they have achieved some higher thought or understanding only to find out that they are simply repeating what another generation did centuries ago.  Today, we live in the age of information.  We think that with all this information we might be the society with the advantage.  How could we not end up with the truth, given that we begin with so much information up front?  But has this proved itself to be true?  Are we a society more inclined to understand the absoluteness of truth?  No!  As a matter of fact, we are a society that couldn’t be farther away from the truth.  All the information we have has only served to cloud our judgment and made it impossible for us to make a decision about truth.  When there is no truth,  there is injustice in the land.  The words of Isaiah above need to be spoken to our society.  Truth is gone!  It is nowhere to be found.  The innocent are prey to the wicked.  The quantity of information one has does not necessarily lead him to truth.  Only God’s Word can do that.


In order for there to be a proper understanding of right and wrong, truth and falsehood, there must be forms of each to compare.  There must be a being who is true and whose actions are true to be able to compare and call something right and true.  There must be a being who is false and whose actions are wrong to be able to compare and call something false and wrong.  Truth has escaped us (our society) because we have done away with God.  We don’t need more information.  We don’t need a brighter politician.  We need to believe in God again.  Once we believe in God we can begin to define the world around us in terms of truth and falsehood.  When we believe in the presence of a holy and just God, we can then begin to look out at our world and the sea of information through His eyes.  He is the definer of truth and falsehood.  He is the definer of right and wrong.


May we each do our part in defending the concepts of truth and falsehood in our society so that history does not repeat itself.  May the words of Isaiah above never be spoken of us.  May truth always be found here!





Pastor Tom

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