“Then Moses said, “I pray You, show me Your glory!” “ (Exodus 33:18, NASB95)

What a request!  What an awesome request!  “Lord, I want to see you.”  Moses has heard God’s voice ever since his experience at the burning bush.  He has heard directly from God for quite some time now.  He has heard and seen the lightning and the thunder firsthand.  And now he yearns to see its source.  He yearns to see the God that He loves and obeys.

Friends in Christ, when was the last time your soul yearned to be in the presence of God and to see Him?  Do you long for the day that you will reside in heaven and live in His glory?  I pray that for all of us that longing/yearning grows and intensifies within us.

But the answer to Moses was, “No.”  God told Moses that there was no way that he could look into His face, but that He would allow him to see the back of Him as He passed by.  Just seeing the back side of God as He passed by caused Moses’ face to shine as he re-entered the camp.  Peter, James, and John had a similar experience as they saw Jesus transfigured.

So, what is the core of my message today?  The day is coming!  There will be a day when we will see God in all His glory.  On that day we will see Him and not die.  The blood of Jesus will provide us the open door to enter into His glory.  Until then, we cling to God’s Word.  We live in fellowship with God’s people and we together long/yearn for the day when the heavens will open and the glory of the Lord will be revealed.


Pastor Tom


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