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Pictures while my wife and I were in Israel.

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A couple pictures of from one of our mission trips to Haiti.  I have been there 11 times so far.

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Firmly Rooted is a ministry offering Bible Studies, Daily Devotions, Counseling and Evangelistic Outeach.

I am so excited to have this opportunity to introduce this website to you.  My purpose is simple.  This site is a place for Christians to get together for Adult Bible Study (downloadable audio files) and Christian discussion.  I became a Christian when I was 16 years old (learn more about me).  I know what it is like try to study the Bible and only get more confused.  After graduating from the Seminary I began to look at the Bible in a different way.  I began to ask it questions.  In asking it questions, the Lord began to provide me answers.  The Lord used the Word to explain the Word to me in more clarity.

In order to get involved in this site make sure that you register, and then log in each time you return to the site.  As long as you are logged in, you can ask questions and post responses in the forums.  I hope the forums become a safe place for all of us to open up and discuss the Biblical and world view questions that seem to plague us and our world.  I do not claim to have all the answers, but collective we should be able to nail many of them.

I think we all know that we would be better witnesses to the world around us if we felt more confident that we had a better handle on Biblical truths.  The success of this site is directly connected to the level of support and involvement we all have in it.  Stay involved, invite others to get involved, and lets have some fun studying God’s Word and this world we live in.




I thought it would be a good idea to list for you websites that have been helpful to me.  More will be added over time.

Personal Devotions

Max Lucado’s daily devotions have been a daily thing for me for years.

Biblical Research

Crosswalk Is a place for great Bible study support.

Biblical Teaching

A site where you can find free Sunday School lessons and teaching support.

Powerful Presentations

Lifehouse’s Everything is a must see for everyone!  Ever doubt that God loved and cared for you?  This is a must see!